Groove agent 5 crashes with serious graphic driver issue

I use Cubase Pro 12 and when I use Groove Agent 5 I have been getting an unrecoverable error. Error message states that the application has to be shut down because of a serious driver related issue with an ERROR CODE: 0x80070057.

This is a new occurence as I haven’t seen this happen before.

I guess you are on Windows, because of this error code. There are a couple of possibilities where this error occurs and several websites (including Microsoft) describing possible solutions, for example

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070057 (

From your profile I guess you can read german, than there is also this website

0x80070057-Fehler beheben: Dem Fehlercode auf der Spur - IONOS

It is annoying, but may be one of the hints on these sites helps solving the problem