Groove Agent 5 crashing when browsing instruments and reversing the sound


Groove agent 5 has been crashing everytime i browse sounds under instruments tab and then try to reverse the sound under “Sample” tab. It is happening everytime i do this. Can anyone here confirm this issue or is it just me having this problem?

I am on mac.
10.14.6 mojave


Can anyone from Steinberg support confirm this? or is it only me using Groove agent ?

I cannot reproduce your issue here - but I am a Windows user and do not have access toa Mac.

Before doing anything else, upgrade to Groove Agent 5.0.20 if you have not done so already. The latest installer can be found amongst the Absolute 4 installers in Steinberg Download Assistant.

Yep, It is updated one. Looks like this issue is on mac only. I am lil surprised with the response here, it seems not many people use groove agent.

Anyone from Steinberg support can confirm this or do i have to raise support ticket ?