Groove Agent 5 export mixer to Cubase AI not possible

Hi folks

There’s been some previous discussion here in relation to GA5 SE users, when right-clicking on Acoustic Agent kits, not having any option in the corresponding context menu to “Export Mixer to Cubase” or “Export Mixer and FX to Cubase” which I believe has been put down to the limitations of the SE edition.

However, having purchased a full version of Groove Agent 5, excited by the prospect of being able to mix my new Acoustic Agent drum kits in Cubase AI, I find myself with the same problem of there being no option to export the mixer to the DAW, as described in the user manual.

I’ve opened a support request with Steinberg, but after 6 days have not yet had any response.

Has anyone else encountered this and successfully resolved it, or have any insight whatsoever? I thought it might be because of AI limitations, but its not even a greyed-out option when running Groove Agent in standalone.

Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Reply received from Steinberg support today - export to mixer is not available in Cubase AI.

Good thing Mrs Daviedoc has spoken to Santa and arranged delivery of a nice upgrade to Artist 11!