Groove Agent 5 Factory content

Hello All!

I have the demo version of groove agent 5 and I am not sure if I have all the factory content or not… Specifically I am not seeing any of the percussion agent kits. I am attached a screenshot of the content that shows up in my GA browser. How can I figure out if I am missing factory content, and how do I download it completely if I am missing something?

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 9.22.31 PM.jpg

I don’t have GA5 and many people reading this forum may not since it’s a Cubase forum.
If you post in the GA forum, most likely people reading that forum will have GA5 and can answer your questions.

There was extra content? I purchased GA5 full and didn’t get any content. Those damn b@st@rd$!

its been sometime now since I resolved it, but Im sure the answer was to download it from the hub :slight_smile: