Groove Agent 5 for Absolute 3 users... Surprise!

if you’re an Absolute 2 or 3 license holder and would like to upgrade to Groove Agent 5, I’m afraid I have bad news for you: On their website, Steinberg has announced the release of Absolute 4 for January 2019. That would be 2-3 months from now! Steinberg has also posted a note, not to upgrade to Groove Agent 5 directly, but to wait until January for the release of Absolute 4.

Here is the link to the Steinberg page (for the Absolute 4 release announcement): I have also included a screenshot.

It’s hard to believe that Steinberg does this to customers who bought the bundle. Make them wait while others can upgrade. That wouldn’t happen with native instruments. If they upgrade a product out of komplete cycle they include it. If I knew about this I wouldn’t have bought absolute.

It would make perfect sense to give customers who buy-activate the Absolute 3 collection - AN EXTENDED TRIAL OF GROOVE AGENT 5 (UNTIL the ABS4 release) that they will get anyway with the FREE ABSOLUTE 4 UPDATE TOO…I WOULD REALLY FEEL GOOD ABOUT THAT.

Cheers - by the way - LOVE Rothaus Hefeweizen !!


JANUARY!!! Good God! Just bought ABS3 3 weeks ago. Steinberg you have to fix this! I agree with PinkSoda, AT LEAST PROVIDE AN EXTENDED TRIAL UNTIL THEN!! I’m definitely upgrading to ABS4 as soon as available but why make ABS3 customers wait that long!!

I agree, absolute collection is the premium vst product from Steinberg and it needs to be treated as such. If anything absolute users should get access to groove agent before others, not months afterwards. Ideally they should be released at the same time.

So if I update to Absolute 3 and then get Absolute 4 for free in Jan as the advert says do a I get GA5 in that update in Jan also or will it stay as GA4?


You will get GA 5 as well. It will be part of Absolute 4.

Now, that is not true. If NI releases a new major version (i.e. 5.x => 6.x) of a product it will be included in the next Komplete version. So as a Komplete owner you would get it only if you are going to upgrade your bundle when it is available or upgrade the single particular product.