Groove Agent 5 for Absolute 3 Users

I purchased GA5 upgrade today - I have GA4 as part of Absolute 3. After installing, I’m unable to access GA5 or even GA4. It’s not available on my e-licenser to upgrade either. So, is purchasing Absolute 4 the only way to get GA5 for Absolute 3 users? If so, what happens to my GA5 purchase? I have raised a support ticket, but did anyone else go through this?

I have just done the same thing. I am on absolute 2 and had no idea you had to upgrade the whole absolute collection and can not just upgrade groove agent. I have tried to contact Steinberg however the support keeps kicking me out of my account.

It does not say anywhere on the website that you can not upgrade just groove agent, it literally only says it in the shopping basket but I am too busy trying to remember my username and password for the shop to even read it.

Did you get any help with this? Thanks