Groove Agent 5 in Ableton Live

Hello, I currently have cubase 10.5 pro which includes groove agent SE and this plugin is not available in ableton. If I have groove agent 5 instead of SE will it be available in ableton?

Thank you,

If you purchase Groove Agent 5 as a standalone VST, you should be able to use it in any DAW. I think SE is a version meant for being packed with a purchase of Cubase. Which feature are you getting GA5 for? From my research Ableton offers most GA5 features already except maybe the sounds that come with GA5 and the decompose.

For me the big difference is SE does not have note repeat function which I think should have been integrated into Cubase instead of GE anyway.

Cool that was my assumption, thanks for confirming!

Not so much for features, but yes more for content (kits & patterns.) Particularly useful when working outside of my principal genre. Thanks a bunch!

I’m not sure how it works outside Cubase, but with Cubase, the factory content samples are not allowed to be used as wav files. So there are some sounds that I need to have an instance of GA running in order to access. It’s annoying sometimes. Just a fair warning.

The jam function should also been included in Pro’s GA5

Hi, I’m trying to use Groove Agent 5 as a Standalone VST in Ableton. I can start and stop it through Ableton but it did not record anything. Any advices??

Hi – have you also asked over at the Ableton Forums?