Groove Agent 5 instead of Groove Agent SE by default possible?


The factory playback template in Dorico 5 is always opening Groove Agent SE, but I bought and installed Groove Agent 5…

Is it possible to open GA5 always by default instead of GA SE?

Thanks for any advices!

Have you tried changing it in the preferences > play > playback template?

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I’d say first modify the playback template so that it works with Groove Agent and note GASE, and then change the preference. You will probably need to create your endpoints and so (I don’t recall seeing those shared anywhere) to create your playback template. But I might be wrong and someone will chime in with a useful link (hopefully).


Thank you very much for your answers! Unfortunately I am not so familiar with modifying/creating new playback templates…

Is there a general step-by-step guide for creating playback templates in Dorico 5 (incl. Groove Agent 5?)

At the moment I see only SE-Versions (by factory default) on my playback templates overview:

Thank you for any help and best wishes!

That is why I mentioned saving Endpoints. I thought you might do a little search with those terms. You set Groove Agent so it works as you want in Dorico manually, then save the Endpoints (a little button in Play mode left panel below the VST rack). I don’t know how much help you need to configure Groove Agent manually (choose the appropriate setting inside Groove Agent, set your drum player so that it’s played by Groove Agent with the appropriate percussion map…) Every step is logical and not really difficult, it’s only that there are many steps and you need to make them all. Therein lies the difficulty.

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At the moment, there’s no way to get Dorico to use the full Groove Agent plug-in instead of Groove Agent SE in the way we do for HALion vs. HALion Sonic, but this is something we may add in future.


Thank you very much for this clarification! That would be great in the future!