Groove Agent 5 kits not available

I am a newbie to Groove Agent 5 - just bought the full version, and it is “activated” in the SAM. I am trying to load kits suggested by a tutorial, but am finding that there are few available. Most display a red circle with a horizontal line. Does this mean they are installed in the wrong place, and would anyone know how to fix this? (Macbook Pro) Thank you!

I’m having the same problem. I just purchased two new expansion kits to see if they would show up. One does, Jazz Essentials, but all the choices are red circles as you described. The other expansion, as well as other kits that were already installed, don’t show up at all. Also,the missing expansions are greyed out in the media bay. All are installed correctly as shown in the Library Manager. I’ve tried every recommendation on the internet, but nothing is fixing this problem.

any help found with this, I have ‘simon phillips’ drums. shows on my 2nd machine (laptop) but cant access on my main PC… red ring though it???

Is your Simon Phillips licence on eLicenser or Steinberg Licensing? If it is on eLicenser, you should have a voucher to migrate it to Steinberg Licensing in your My Steinberg account. If the licence is on Steinberg Licensing, then you should be able to activate Simon Phillips on up to three computers.

So I had some joy with this yesterday…
I removed ‘SPdrums’ from ‘steinberg library manager’
Then opened ‘steinberg download assistant’ selected ‘SPdrums’ downloaded and installed again.
Now let’s me access that ‘pack’ within ‘groove agent’ so all good there.
Realised at that point I had the same issue with a few more’packs’ or ‘kits’ (whatever they’re called)
‘Alternative essentials’ & ‘songwriters drums’ both available on my laptop along with SPdrums, neuro mindset and everything else I’ve purchased over the years. Did the same process with ‘AE’ and ‘SD’ but unlike ‘SPD’ that didn’t solve the issue, they still have the red ring(no entry sign) within ‘GA’.
When I open ‘Elicenser CC’ on the lappy it shows all the products, on the pc none are shown.
When I open ‘SAManager’ on the lappy ‘neuro mindset’ and ‘SPdrums’ are shown with a verification pending warning(that’s another thing I have to figure out how to do :slight_smile: )
On the PC when I open ‘SAmanager’ it shows the same as lappy with both SPdrums & neuro mindset there but with the verification warning.
So it looks like my first step is to get the products to show on the ElicensorCC on the PC .
Will try and figure that out but any help would be :+1:

I’m thinking I need to have activation codes for the products to enter into ELicenCC so where and how do I obtain them. Presumably originally on an email when I purchased ages ago…that email unfortunately is now long gone, probably deleted in one of my inbox clearouts

Follow the instructions in the article below:

That isn’t possible and you are thinking about this the wrong way.

Verify everything on Steinberg Licensing using the instructions in the article above. Refresh Steinberg Activation Manager on both computers - you can activate your Steinberg Licensing products on up to three computers simultaneously.

You don’t need the eLicenser licences for your content sets once you have verified these products on Steinberg Licensing.

right ok will sort a little later and let you know how i get on.
thx for your help