Groove Agent 5 MIDI Output Broken

I’m trying to get the MIDI output functionality to work because when I dragged and dropped a MIDI pattern from Groove Agent 5, of coarse, it didn’t work correctly it was missing stuff so I figured I’d try the MIDI output recording capability but the icon says “MIDI Output OFF” but there seems to be no way to turn it on. I clicked on it, and it does nothing, and there is definitely no MIDI information being sent out to Cubase 10.

What’s even worse is that there’s nothing anywhere about how to do this. Not even on the Steinberg YouTube channel. All I found was a bunch of “new feature” marketing videos, but no usage videos at all. It’s literally like it’s an abandoned product and no one uses it. It dawned on me for the first time, that investing in this stuff might be a bad move for me. This is freakin’ crazy. They made this thing so convoluted, and way to complex to use for what it is, and have zero tutorials or any in depth information online or in the manual. It’s like they really don’t care about anything after you purchase it. Ridiculous!

Not sure if you figured this out, but in case someone else finds this, as I did searching on the exact issue, I finally figured out the the midi out does work, at least in cubase, it’s just works backward to what you might expect… hovering over the X under the midi out icon you get the pop-up ‘midi out off’ which is the default state. Clicking the ‘X’ disables this, and you should be able to find the midi outs in the input routeing for instruments/tracks in Cubase then. It’s a little counter-intuitive for sure, basically you turn off the ‘midi out off’ switch. :smiley:

Hope that help someone puzzling over that …

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Dude thanks. I was farting around with the stupid “x” thing as the manual briefly went over, and hunted all over the place, but had to give up for my sanity. I’m gonna try what you said there.