Groove Agent 5 - missing pics in content set window

I got GA 5 as part of my update from absolute 3 to 4.

When I press the load button in order to press one of the register tabs (kits, instruments, styles) in the upper right of theGA5 window and then want to select a content set, the pics/icons of the installed sets are not there (see attached file)
Anyone who knows what to do?

Same problem here on one PC of similar configuration and model. No pictures of sets in Groove Agent SE 5 in Cubase 10.5 at right in instruments set window! Is this a graphics issue or a win10 version issue (i have the problem in a win 10 64 bit v.1909 with new graphics but on the other i run Win 10 64 bit v.2004 with onboard graphics card (older) and its ok!

On the same PC i have no pics in Groove Agent 5 SE and Cubase 10.5 (only some cluttered ones), but in cubase 9.5 the pictures are there ! Could this be a bug in Cubase 10.5 only?