Groove Agent 5 not triggering midi note patterns correctly

I anyone else having this issue? I draw midi notes related to a pattern in Groove Agent, but Cubase doesn’t trigger the patterns correctly. This happens whether I put the midi data into a separate midi track, or in the Groove Agent track. Very frustrating. I even tried following a Steinberg video about doing this, but the results in the tutorial and in my recreation do not match. Groove Agent doesn’t trigger patterns correctly, plus they play outside of the midi note areas.

Did the Cubase 12 upgrade break Groove Agent?

The behavior is weird and seemingly random. Sometimes it will play two patterns in alternation, even though they are not drawn that way in midi. Currently, I have two different notes that should trigger an intro and then a main pattern, but they trigger the same pattern. Plus the pattern continues to play outside of where it is drawn. I’ve started over several times, creating new files with Groove Agent, and the problem persists.

I’ve literally spent HOURS trying to figure this out–looking at online tutorials and even contacting Steinberg support, but they have been no help. I like the promise of Groove Agent – if only it worked as advertised! I’m on the verge of giving up on GA, and I even foolishly forked over the money for the non SE version.


Could you share a project with the only one Groove Agent track and the 2 MIDI Notes, please?

I’m having a similar problem, I draw two Midi notes on the piano roll, one for the intro pattern, one for the main pattern. The intro (1 bar length) triggers fine but the main pattern (4bars length) triggers half way through the pattern. The patterns work great when triggered from a keyboard controller but not from mdi noted on a track.
You’ve probably already tried this, but make sure your play mode is set to to Hold not toggle otherwise the loop will keep playing, and trigger mode to immediate. also select all the pads and set them to exclusive otherwise there could be some conflict.