Groove Agent 5: Patterns Editor Gid Quantize. Worse than ever!!!

How to change the grid in the Pattern Editor???
This is always set by the sixteenth and 4/4. Whichever quantize is chosen, it is always the sixteenth and it is impossible to draw notes. I want triplets and thirty-two and everything else!!! This is not normal for the drum sequencer!!! :imp: Why it was impossible to add all the functionality from Drum Editor to Groove Agent 5 Pattern Editor???
Disappointed. It’s some imperfection, but not Groove Agent :cry:

each instrument row can be set separately.

In other words: it’s better then ever. :sunglasses:

Thank! I did not think that it was stretched there :smiley: But this solves the question only by half. It is not convenient to set the grid for each pad separately. Why it was impossible to do so that it could change simultaneously for all the pads? If I have 50 pads, it will be very tiring …

And more! GA4 everything worked as it should. They just didn’t do this for GA5 or it’s a bug. Well, in their style, they always have flaws and bugs, but the sale must be launched as soon as possible.


p84 of the manual:
Global Quantize On/Off
Allows you to select which value is used when Snap is activated – the global quantize value on the toolbar or the individual quantize values for the drum sounds.

p86 of the manual:
Quantizing Notes
You can draw notes with a global quantization grid or with an individual quantization grid for each instrument

^^ So it’s currently, none of this works in Groove Agent 5. Global quantization has no effect on the grid at all.
This is the situation?

this bug means that the grid values of the controller lane are stuck on 16th and cannot be changed.

So it’s impossible to draw smooth curves in midi automation

Riding a strong to medium wave of regret for purchasing this now.


our developers are already working on it. Should be fixed with the next maintenance update.


I’m glad you’re fixing that issue.