Groove Agent 5 SE (5.0.30) graphically distorted

I’m trying to use Groove Agent 5 SE (5.0.30) for the first time and I notice graphic distortions on macOS 11.1 (27" iMac). Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks for any help!

I’m having the same issue since update in November, It seems that they do not think to solve it, they do not say anything about it, very disappointing

I only updated from 5.0.20 to 5.0.30 yesterday. 5.0.20 has the same problem. I hoped the update would help…

You might already know that, but the glitches are caused by Groove Agent’s incompatibility with Big Sur. The options, as far as I can tell, are to either downgrade the OS, or to wait for an update with the fixes. FWIW, Steinberg did issue a statement at the time of Big Sur launch saying that some of the apps are incompatible; Groove Agent is among them.

Does anyone have a solution yet?

Downgrading the OS is not a good option. I like more wait for Steinberg to solve the topic - can anybody estimate the time to wait?

The answer to your question would obviously be “no” in normal circumstances, but coincidentally Steinberg just released the update.

Thank you! This info came just in time, I downloaded the update and it works fine!

Yes, it also works for me! Yay!