Groove Agent 5 SE: Do I still need the soft elicenser? Cubase Elements 13

I uninstalled the soft elicenser because Cubase 12 or 13 don’t need anymore and because some freebies like Lo-Fi Piano or Guitar Harmonics are now based on the Activation Manager.

Everything worked fine except for Groove Agent 5 SE, it lost all its content. Do I still need the soft elicenser to make Groove Agent SE work?


No, you don’t need eLicenser anymore. More likely it’s an library or MediaBax issue. There are some similar threads here on the forum already. Please, search for them.

It only happens with the presets for Groove Agent ONE, and I can see those presets in Mediabay and in the presets manager on top of GASE, but I can’t see them in GASE’s own browser.

The weird thing is, it’s still happening after I completely uninstalled and then reinstalled Cubase (Elements 12).


The Kits button is yellow, which indicates to me, the filter is asked r.

And did you make any selection already? Did you click to All?