Groove Agent 5 SE pads not playing sounds

I load a kit and patterns into 5 se. On the 16 button pad, there are pads with an instrument description and a little yellow line above them, but when I click the pad, no sound comes out. One one occasion, I would click the pad and the little levels bar to the right of the beat agent box lights up. On the mixer, the level indicator goes up for the groove agent channel, but fight next to it, no sound comes out of stereo out. I even inserted a compressor into the stereo out and it was showing signal but no sound came out.

Sometimes the patterns don’t play for certain kits. So, any ideas as to what is going on here?

Also, I will note for the record that the gui for groove agent is sort of full of easter egg type functionality and the interface is counter-intuitive. It probably works ok once you know it… The manual does not give the big picture or explain the overall operation of it, so I end up watching all sorts of youtube videos to see what is going on–and they mostly cover the full product so its not clear which things SE does not have. To the extent steinberg wants to expand usage and sales of this vi, I suggest some visual re-design and a far better manual. One thing I have done in my work is to get a person who doesn’t know the software, video tape them, and have them try different tasks so that the usability of the software can be evaluated. In any case, the manual is accurate and nicely written, and nearly worthless.

Looks like steinberg is not interested in supporting this product. If its not interesting to them, not worth it to me to invest my time trying to figure it out.