groove agent 5 sounds not working

Hi, I’ve just purchased groove agent 5se full pack as my temporary/trial license ran out on cubase artist 10.5 (I’ve had it a month now) I noticed a lot of the kits weren’t available in the groove agent engine so assumed purchasing the software and license would rectify this problem. I have downloaded the software and activated the license but there are still a large quantity of sounds/missing files missing from the groove agent every time I open it up, half the kits are still not working or missing the sound files. Can anyone give me a clue as to why this is. I’ve downloaded everything I think I’m supposed to have.

Hi and welcome,

You cannot purchase Groove Agent SE. This is part of Cubase license only. So I assume you have purchased Groove Agent 5, right?

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Full Installer, please.