Groove Agent 5 stops playing when a trigger note is moved

Two things are going on with Groove Agent that make me crazy.

Punching in to a MIDI (individual) notes track to record a different pattern erases the measure before the punch in! Punching in at bar 10 erases bar 9. Changing the MIDI recording settings you get your choice of
(1) getting multiple MIDI patterns playing or
(2) erasing the bar before the punch in bar
Both of these outcomes are unwanted.
One work-around is to cut off a bar just before the erased bar and use Option+drag+drop to fill in the erased bar of drums.

Moving a long trigger note (setting the pattern for a section of the song) to a different note (pattern) causes the pattern to go silent (not play). If I click and hold on the silent trigger note, the correct drum pattern plays but not when the song is playing.

There does not appear to be any way to make the pattern start playing again.

Anybody know WHY this happens and HOW to get it to stop happening.