groove agent 5 terrible release

  1. Please list a summary in the manual that describes how to use “new features” You always bury them in the old manuals. hard to find.

  2. The new “the kit” sounds cant be found. They seem to have extracted into my downloads folder but not my Steinberg Common Files. No way to know if they are actually being read by the product.

  3. Complaint for all Steinberg products. (you put the data all over the computer, the GA$ sound files, “FCP_SMT etc” are all over in many directories) YOu provide a library management tool with little or no explanation of how to use it.

  4. You introduce a new feature like “decompose” but don’t describe anywhere what problem its solving or how to use it in a meaningful way. There seems to be a tendency through all Steinberg products to briefly describe what a new feature does, and assume everyone knows why its valuable.

    This may be a good upgrade release. But once again I have spent hours reading manuals and searching for the terms and names of the new things you describe in your marketing web page. This might be one of the worse releases from Steinberg over my 25 year relationship.

You need a new product manager that oversees the release of all the products and makes shure they use the same naming conventions, processes, etc.