Groove Agent 5..... upgrade now 30% off! Still too expensive for me!

It just maybe would’ve been tempted at a 50% discount deal? But 30% and still €70 as opposed to the full version at €179 for an upgrade from 4 to 5 is still too much in my book. And the main reason is that 5 just doesn’t bring much more to the table than 4 offers right now!

The mistake that Steinberg makes here is that they think that current pro users are willing to pay for an upgraded ‘standard’ kit and some other minor stuff. But I suspect most people using a pro version have already taken advantage of the 50% discount deals earlier on expansion packs and bought the Simon Phillips expansions (Studio & Jazz) and maybe various other instrument sets? So who wants to pay this price for another somewhat better ‘standard’ kit and a resizable window? I surely won’t!

Like I said earlier… I’ll wait what 6 has to offer? An upgrade from 4 to 6 can hardly be more expensive than this one?


I’ve upgraded it now. Groove Agent 5 works easyer for me and I love one of the new drum samples.

Groove Agent has been one of the best investments in software I’ve made in a while. The integration with Cubase is like %300 workflow increase.

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I gave it some thought, and I did get full halion at 50% off. I went in to get the price for groove agent and noticed it was only 30% off. I was surprised and then realized the promotion was “up to 50% off”. I passed on it. Psychologically I could go $90, but not $127.

I had a weak moment and didn’t buy anything for a long time so I thought I’d finally go for the 30% off deal? But other than installing a lot of additional content I can’t say I’m really impressed? Maybe also because I’m not a GA power user and mainly use BFD3?

Anyway, if you’re like me and mainly use GA4 for browsing through kits and sounds and use an additional sound here and there? You’ll be disappointed if you buy this. In this respect it really doesn’t bring anything extra. If you’ve already invested in the Simon Phillips kits (studio & Jazz) like I have, the new ‘the kit’ is really just taking up space. I really couldn’t find anything I had the feeling about that I missed it before? Well, maybe the new browser? That’s kind’a cool? I’ve seen video’s about sampling/manipulating sounds so it could well be me and you might be delighted with the purchase?

If you don’t use all that shit and still want to use decent acoustic drum sounds? Don’t upgrade but buy the Simon Phillips sets. Those are really great!
If you want to sample/manipulate and dive into the manipulation of (electronic) sounds? This update might just be the ultimate thing for you?

i also didnt take the upgrade yet, if they had the function to mix/build drums kits from elements from the acoustic libraries(for example using simons snare ,with studio kick,songwriters toms and Hihat etc…) i would upgraded it for sure.
wish they implement this option in GA5 cycle,cuz GA6 probably will be take few years to release.