Groove Agent 5 with Komplete Kontrol Keyboard

Hi to all.
I have notice that althought I can open Groove Agent 5 inside Komplete Kontrol, actualy no colour keys are presenting. The Color remains default. Am I right, please?
Can someone confirm it?

Yes you are ! Groove Agent is not NKS “ready”

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Also, it’s not possible to make a custom wallpaper screen like kontakt, right?

But you can have “Groove Agent” in your Komplete kontrol library (user one is more easy), I use Groove Agent inside Komplete Kontrol, with Pic/category etc… But you have to do it yourself !
Perhaps you can find somebody who converted the Groove Agent library into NKS on the net…

Yes. This is what I have but it would be helpful to see also the key colors. I know a site that have a lot of plugins converted to nks.
Thank you so much