Groove Agent 5 Writing and Play modes

I can input notes with my mouse in a Groove Agent 5 drum track (not drum notes though), but it is impossible to input notes with my MIDI keyboard and there is no playback anyway. I checked everything I could depending of my (limited) knowledge of Dorico, but with no results. I can hear the drum I choosed in Groove Agent when I hit my MIDI keyboard but that’s it. I wonder what I am missing somewhere… Attached are some pictures. Hope that helps. Others non Steinberg VST instruments work fine (Pianoteq, Spitfire LABS).

My set-up :
Windows 10
Intel I7
Dorico Pro 2
Audio Interface Steinberg UR242
Kawai 10 hooked by MIDI cables to my audio interface.
Dorico - Groove Agent 5 - capture 2.PNG

Are you trying to input music into Dorico by playing the pads in the Groove Agent window? If so, then I’m afraid that won’t work: instead you need to show the caret in the drum set staff in the score directly, and then play notes on your MIDI keyboard.

Hi Daniel, Thanx for your answer. I’m afraid I don’t follow. How can I try «to input music into Dorico by playing the pads in the Groove Agent window» ? With Groove Agent SE selected in VST Intrument panel, I did « show the caret in the drum set staff in the score directly, and then play notes on your MIDI keyboard» but nothing happen then (although I can hear the sounds when I play my MIDI keyboard). I can only input notes with my mouse and there is no sound when I playback them.

I tried an experience. I started a new projet with only one full drum set instrument, change the instrument from Halion SE to Groove Agent SE in the VST Instrument panel and encountered the exact same problem. When I change for Groove Agent SE, a pop-up showed up (see attach file). Maybe it is part of the problem, I don’t know… If there is no solution to my problem, I will simply stay with a drumset in Halion SE…

Could the problem perhaps be that you have not set the appropriate General MIDI percussion map in the Endpoint Setup dialog?

Well things evolve Daniel, but it is not the «end point» yet. See the attached file and what I get when I click the cog button of Groove Agent in the VST pannel of Dorico (same for all VST instruments). I did select General Midi in Percussion Map column (channel 6) and I can input and playback notes with my Kawai MP-10 MIDI keyboard now (yeah!), but the mapping is incomplete and does not correspond to the Know What I Mean patch I choosed in Groove Agent.

So far, so good…


Well, you may now need to invest some time in creating your own percussion map that maps all of the sounds in the patch you’ve chosen in Groove Agent, which you can do by way of Play > Percussion Maps. You may also need to add some further instruments to your drum kit as well.

I think I have a similar problem. However, I did try making my own custom percussion map.

I’m trying to map Groove Agent pads to Dorico drum notation. Haven’t found a straightforward way to do this, but here’s my current test of this that doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Start up groove agent, and load up a sample to pad 1 (C1).
  • Make a note that C1 is MIDI note 24.
  • Make a custom expression map, copy and paste the “Bass drum” from General MIDI map to Custom map but on midi note 24.
  • Now here’s where I expect that the kick drum note would map to the Groove agent pad C1. But it does not, since it’s not triggering the sample upon playing. What am I doing wrong?

Please see attachment for a better explanation.

I think Groove Agent uses the convention that C3 is middle C, which means that C1 is MIDI note 36, not MIDI note 24. Give that a try.

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