Groove Agent 5SE issues

Hi bought a basic recording pack that included the LE version of Cubase and Groove Agent 5 SE. I upgraded to Cubase 13 Pro. I have since downloaded the ‘Metal Essentials pack for Groove Agent, but can’t get it to work. It’s not event available for me to select beats.

This is such a frustrating experience and is much more difficult than it should be. I also bought and downloaded KVLT11 drums 2 from Ugritone and they won’t work either.

Very frustrated.

That is a package you need to buy separately, did you buy the license for it?

Yes, I bought the licence and have it activated.

Have you installed from the Download Assistant? After that you can check its status (and it install location) in the Library Manager.

Does the pack come with kits or is it just patterns and styles that you select after loading up an exsisting GA5 SE kit?

I can’t tell from the info page what the pack includes:

I have bought two drum packs for GA5 SE and I usually do something like this to select the patterns:

^^^^ I have Jazz Essentials and the Songwriters pack and from memory I can see those there as options to select at this point.

I then can drag and drop the patterns onto the timeline in Cubase (instrument track):

You can refer to the manual for loading kits, patterns etc here on page 13 onward:

Did you download it or buy it? If you own it, and you update the Download manager, the product should show up in your GA kit after you install it. I own GA full and the extra items I own show up in GA. Does Metal Essentials maybe require GA full? That’s the only thing i can think of.

I fear that this may be an option… I don’t particularly want to by the full version of GrooveAgent. I thought that GA 5 SE would be compatible.
Regarding Metal essentials, I bought it.

I checked. looks like works with “Groove Agent 5, Groove Agent SE 5”

close GA. make sure you see it listed in the activation manager and that its activated. then re-open GA. also check its listed in the library manager.

That’s all I can see. I can’t see any of the grooves that were in the examples on the website.