Groove Agent 5se loading presets problem

I have recently upgraded from Elements 8 to 10.5 and it works well with Halion Sonic 3 on Windows 10.
When I use Groove Agent 5se, loading the kits often causes the program to hang and sometimes crash Cubase.
Task Manager close down only option then.
I’m using MT PowerKit 2 as an alternative which always works fine.

It’s frustrating as it looks a great program but it’s unusable like this.
Intel graphics drivers are up to date and I use ASIO4ALL which gives minimal latency and reliable playback.
I’ve read other posts on the issue but it seems to be unresolved.
Any help appreciated.

Oh well :pensive: Support ticket time.
Just glad I haven’t spent £££’s on it.
Halion Sonic 3 on the the other hand is great and will probably buy the license when the trial period
ends in a couple of days.

Going slowly this and not much help anywhere.
Will need to spend out on another drum VSTi if it can’t be sorted.

I’m being patient with this GA5se problem, hoping for a reply to the support ticket.
Should I just accept it’s not going to be resolved anytime soon?

Groove Agent 5se and support :-1:
I’m going elsewhere for my drum VTSi.


same Problem here. Intel Nuc-Kit with Intel HD Graphics and Asio4All Driver.
The “Analyze Wait Chain” under Details shows “Cubase is waiting for another Process (DWM.EXE)” (or similar).
Cubase Elements 9 with Groove Agent SE4 was working fine before the Upgrade to Cubase 10 Elements.

Thanks for the reply.
I think the problem was there with my Elements 8 and GA SE4.
Still have it installed so can check.
Have just bought a UR22c interface and the hanging doesn’t seem as bad but it does still do it.
So annoying as I’ll have spend out on Addictive Drums 2 or EZ which both run flawlessly.


maybe i was wrong, i have installed Cubase Elements 8 (32Bit) + GA SE4 = same issue as before :frowning:

Same problem Cubase 10.5 WIN. Anyone from Steinberg working on this?

Have had a reply to the Support ticket. Suggestion is to reset Cubase preferences, maybe GA’s too.
Basically involves renaming or deleting the folder so that Cubase creates a new one next time it starts.
I don’t have any preference settings in GA but think I may backup the preference file in Cubase.
Useful vid here: