Groove Agent 5se The Kit Missing Sound Archive

I have done a clean install of Cubase 10, when load up Groove agent with “THE KIT” it doesn’t make a sound, it has an error that says

“Missing Sound Archive (double click to register) eg OHB_China_Muted_Short_alt1_01.tg3c”

Can anyone please tell me how to fix this, if i double click on it like it says it just takes me to some place on my computer. Other kits seem to work.


Captainahabnz :imp:


Make sure you have installed Cubase from the Full Installer and the content has been installed.

This is happening to me. I keep reinstalling without results.

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I did reinstall via a full install multiple times on multiple drives. In the end the solution was to use the Steinberg Library Manager application and to manually download the Groove Agent libraries.

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