Groove Agent - Acoustic Agent

I see in the “What’s New” videos a Acoustic Agent. I feel stupid but how do you load this? I’m loading Groove Agent SE like I always do but the default agent it loads is “Beat Agent”. I can’t find the new “Acoustic Agent”.

Ok, I figured it out. duh! :slight_smile:

How’d you find it? Do share, I couldn’t figure it out.

Various patches are what load it. The best way to find them is to Right Click on the “Beat Agent” icon and choose “Load Kit”. Then enable your “Filter” button. When you do that you will see the “Acoustic Agent” as well as the “Beat Agent”. There you can sort and load the new patches which are designed for the Acoustic Agent. The patch they use in the demo is called “Showing Off”. The studio patch is nice as well.

Thanks, Mark. Looks like I was missing some content, I’m reinstalling it now.

And, I gotta say: great-sounding kits! A little high in CPU (at least on my aging 2008 Mac Pro), but like everything else, Cubase 8 is a HIT!