Groove Agent alternative???

Seems there is nothing else like it. I have Superior Drummer and plenty of MIDI file but nothing for quick simple drum patterns with the kind of fluid on the fly pattern adjustments. I can’t understand why Steinberg would discontinue such a unique product that had no competition.

I did’t know they discontinued GA. They did the same for Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Bassist and I didn’t understand why.
I have never found a real alternative to these 3 product. I am not talking about the sound of course, but the workflow is just great.

I should have said discontinued support I guess but it is effectively the same thing when in reference to software. Deciding not update it to x64 comparability is essentially discontinuing it since the x86 platform is slowly being obsolesced.

No alternatives I guess.

Because Wizoo got bought out by DodgyDesign, and they dropped the entire product line as all they wanted were the sample libraries.
Same reason WizooVerb W2 & W5 - possibly one of the best software reverbs ever - also got dropped.

Ohhh. I didn’t realize GA3 was a third party app. That explains it. Very sad.