Groove Agent and eLicenser

I apologise if this topic has already been covered.
I’m wondering what happens to GrooveAgent 5 when the eLicenser protection scheme will be dismissed.

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Please register your eLicenser to your MySteinberg account, and then redeem the free upgrade vouchers for your products here:

The upgrade will add the new Steinberg Licensing versions of your existing licenses to your account. This will allow these products to run without the eLicenser system.

Please also make sure to run the Steinberg Download Assistant to download the latest versions of your Steinberg software. Old versions may not support the new licensing system.

As for your eLicenser licenses, they’ll continue working, even after the Steinberg Licensing upgrade:

If you’re using the hardware dongle, it will continue working for as long as your USB-eLicenser remains functional.

If you’re using the Software eLicenser, it will continue working for as long as the computer is still working and no major modifications are made (such as installing a new OS).

Thanks a lot for your explanation Romantique_Tp. Even though I highly prefer the dongle activation, this morning I’ve upgraded my Groove Agent 5, moving its license from eLicenser to the new protection virtual dongle.

I am wondering what happens to GrooveAgent 4 when the eLicenser is discontinued. Will there be an upgrade voucher for this version ?

You will have to purchase a paid update to Groove Agent unless you are happy with your licence being on the unsupported eLicenser system. There is no indication of whether Steinberg will put updates on sale before the eLicenser discontinuation date.

Upgrade to Groove Agent 5, it’s a great piece of software unless you’re also a MotU Digital Performer user…