Groove Agent and Genos

Morning all
I have an issue regarding drum set Genos Yamaha and Groove agent
I play and recorded a music in midi file with Genos
Then I open same midi file in Cubase 12 pro and use Cubase VST together with Genos sounds.
However, when I want to work on drums lines we have no correspondances between Genos notes drums and Groove Agent 5 .
So I can use Grove Agent sounds changing the note on the drum line did with Genos but require sometime.
What I would like to know if a simple way exist to match drum line Genos Yamaha and Groove Agent 5
Thanks in advance

You may wish to investigate β€œCubase Drum Maps”, which is a mechanism to translate MIDI note numbers, so you can match the drum sounds between different devices.

It takes a bit of time to learn and set up, but it’s a good thing to know for situations like this.

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Thank you so much Nico
Am going to see it

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