Groove Agent and Pad shop are not working after Cubase 10.5 demo expired

I tried Cubase 10.5 demo 30 day trial version a month ago.
Today it was expired but I also can’t load Groove Agent 5 SE and PadShop.
I tried to reinstall them and eLicenser but still couldn’t load them.
I wonder how to fix this problem.


This is a known fact. These applications are Cubase 10.5 only, and they don’t work with older Cubase version (I mean PadShop 2).

Uninstall them, if you are using older Cubase version, please.

Thank you for reply.
But the problem I have is my older projects that use Groove Agent (maybe 4) or Padshop 1 which were included in Cubase 9.5 also can’t load old GA or Padshop.
I googled this problem and found few thread.


Did you open the project in Cubase 10.5 in your trial period? If yes, then the Groove Agent might by updated to Groove Agent SE 5 with Cubase 10.5 in the project. Could you confirm, please?

This is actually even what the bug description to Steinberg (from the linked thread) says.

I tried to open the 9.5 project in Cubase 10.5 but couldn’t because it always crashed while loading mix console :frowning:
(So it is another story and I also searched some threads about this problem:

I think GA was updated to SE 5 when I installed Cubase 10.5 for trial test.
And actually my mind was changed to wait Cubase 11.
I wonder if the only way to fix this is to uninstall all GA, Padshop completely and then reinstall it.


Actually I’m sceptical a bit if even uninstalling of Groove Agent SE 5 and Padshop 2 and reinstalling Groove Agent SE 4 and Padshop 1 (which are part of Cubase 9.5 license) would solve the issue. If you have opened and saved the project in Cubase 10.5 (using Groove Agent SE 5 and Padshop 2), I’m afraid this information is written in the project already and Cubase would say the newer version of the plug-in has been used.

At the other hand, it’s the only way, to try it to uninstall it, if you don’t want to buy Cubase 10.5 license.

Thank you for continuous help.
I read other thread about this problem and concluded that only certain way to fix this problem is to upgrade to 10.5.
Currently I don’t have big reason to upgrade but I’ll upgrade to 10.5 for this time.
Anyway this is “one out” for me.
I’m using Cubase because it has customizable keyboard shortcuts, many workspace snapshots, midi expression, etc.
If other DAWs start to support these kind of features, I might choose other DAW.
For example FL studio’s sound is wide and punch and fat which is good for any electronic music.
Some expert eningeers say there is no sound difference between DAWs.
But in my opinion there is some difference.
I think FL studio has some hidden compressing or limiting function by default and it makes every sound punch and wide.
It’s quite hard to make that sound via Cubase.
I also think this is a difference between vst and dxi.
I liked gsif (giga studio) but it was disppeared.

Anyway thank you for help :slight_smile:
PS) Fortunately I just noticed that 40% sale was started today so I upgraded with discounted price.