Groove agent and presets

Hi I’m trying to make my own Groove Agent presets, using cubase 9 pro.
So for instance i could take a snare-roll that i’ll render and put on a pad, a kick from one preset and 3 snares from different presets…

The question is how should I do that?

Is there a “new ‘empty’ preset” option?
And then mediabay to drag samples?
(If its a midi part like a snareroll, or sounds from ga acoustic kits, that are locked(?), then I can render it so i’ll have an “unlocked” sample?

Hi… You should be able to simply drag and drop the samples to the pads. When you are done save it as a vst preset.

Click the little cube in the upper bar of Groove Agent just like presets of the effects. In the attached picture it’s the little icon on the right to where it says AMA Nash Kit… Just click the little cube and select Save Preset… A saved preset will also show up in the list within Groove Agent from where you can select your kits (The one just below where it says GROOVE AGENT SE4).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yea man thanks!