Groove agent and sampler permanent crash

Yeah both plugins are causing crashes in cubase after loading samples, especially if i try to edit them.

to describe the crash : the sound starts to stutter for 5 sec after cubase just crash.

iam using windows 10, cubase 9 pro last version

Hi and welcome,

Could you share a dmp file located in Documents/Steinberg/crashDumps folder, please?

yeah i couldnt upload without putting them into rar.

the first crash was from a sampler crash yesterday, the second one is from today where groove agent crashed.
2 cubase crash files.rar (293 KB)


What file type do you import? Is it WAV or something else? Mono/Stereo?

wav files, the same bug appears if i use rendered audio inside a project.


Could you try in Safe Start Mode, or trash Cubase preferences, please?

both didnt help

Could you try, please, if the same result is even in Cubase 9.5.30 (Trial)? If yes, could you share a crash dump file from Cubase 9.5.30, please?

seems like i dont have that bugs/crash in cubase 9.5(tested ~10 min)

That’s good and bad. :slight_smile:

so no more solutions ?