Groove Agent and SE updated to 4.2.30

FYI - 4.2.30 is out

Groove Agent 4.2.30 Improvements & issues resolved

ID # Issue
GA-3617 Pattern: An issue has been resolved where first notes in the pattern
player were not triggered correctly.

GA-3616 Note Repeat: An issue has been resolved that occured when using
Note Repeat with trigger source “Controllers” and “Aftertouch” or
“Pitchbend” as controller.

GA-3619 Export: An issue with double MIDI Events for ride cymbal when
exporting styles with “Crash Mode” set to “off” has been resolved.

GA-3622 Effects: An issue with malfunctions of effects with kits that use a very
large number of effects has been resolved.

True, thanks for the tip. Wondering its no where announced.

I will keep my cynical, yet honest, remarks about speed, quality and quantity of updates to myself…

Its not healthy to focus on negativity at my age…

Thanks for the update tho:)

Do we Cubase and GA4 owners need to download both updaters or just GA4?


You need to install both updaters for GA4 and GA SE4.