Groove Agent Articulations

Hi All, can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I’ve been a user of Addictive Drums for a while but I’m now starting to get better at playing so bought Groove Agent as I thought it would be better at different articulations. I’m a Halion user so just naturally thought GA5 would be massively flexible as well. Thing is, I’ve only got a basic e drum kit (Alesis Turbo) that is good for velocity but only has 1 articulation per pad/cymbal. What I was hoping for was 2 things really … to a) keyswitch so I could play articulations without stopping and b) to integrate with Halion 7 but not sure GA is necessarily good with either. Was hoping that I could keyswitch the groups to get all the hihat articulations, maybe by using a behringer type foot pedal device… Is this possible? At present it seems you have to click with the mouse to change the group.

Can I ask if anyone knows? How do people play the drum articulations normally? I know you can edit etc in Cubase but is it just not actually possible to play them as you would a set of drums? Ideally I want to use standalone.
Many thanks

So far as I know, articulations are just assigned to different pads. That’s how Steinberg’s kits do it.

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