Groove Agent audio pitch vs Project window audio pitch

Hi friends, I need help.
If I load let say a kick sample in GAO / SE, the pitch knob will transpose the kick sample of 1 to 12 semi-tone, in what it seems to be the proper way for a drum sample.

But if I drag that same kick sample on the Cubase project window, and if I try to transpose that same sample with the transpose section in infoline, the new transposed sound is totally different than what I get in GAO / SE. It sounds more like an envelope change or timing change than a pitch shift.

So I tried to play with the Transpose Algorithm in the infoline, but none of them seem to change the behavior at all!

Am I missing something here? I can’t seem to find an explanation in the manual.
Cubase 7.5


After conductin further testing, it seems that some percussions sounds can be transposed in the project window, but other type of sounds, like kicks, can’t be transposed. I am a bit disappointed by that honestly. If GAO / SE can, why Cubase itself can’t?

Any audio can be transposed in the project window

Pitch in groove agent will use samplerate to change it’s pitch like old sampler did

Thanks for the explanation. Would you know if there is a way to use the samplerate method in the project window as well?

Because this is what I am after. The Normal - Pluck algorithm seem to work well with most percussive sounds except for kicks. Not that it is mandatory but I would really like to have a way to do everything in the project window.

Beside pitching via the infoline pitch shift and resampling are available in the effects menu as offline processes. Not as fast but including more options.