Groove agent bug with slice

when i import a sample in groove agent, it work great.
But when i go to the “Slice Menu” i can’t create to “create slice”. it’s happening with all sample i import in groove agent.
anyone know about this bug ?

Did you find a fix for this? I am having the same problem. I hate cubase.

Hi JNOPROD and gern,

I’ve got two suggestions but the first is a long shot!

  1. Try highlighting one of your wav files and go to Audio/Bounce Selection/Replace and then drag onto a pad in Groove Agent and see if that works?

  2. Don’t sweat over it! Simply double click on your original wav file then click on the Hitpoints tab, set your Threshold and Intensity sliders to taste and then when you’re happy click on Create Slices. Then go back to the project window and drag that sliced file onto the lowest section of the C1 Groove Agent pad (three boxes will appear!) and then all the individual slices will be mapped chromatically.

I’m interested to know how you get on?

Kind regards

James Colah

Why cant I slice in Groove Agent???

Both options did not work