Groove Agent Component not found in Dorico

Hello all,

I always get this Report while starting up Dorico. After several times reinstalling GrooveAgent Beats the issue ist still there and I am running out of ideas.
Thanks for helping.

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Have you installed the Groove Agent SE 5 - Content (recommended) download choice in SDA? If you run Steinberg Library Manager and click the Groove Agent button at the top, what content sets appear?

Hi Daniel,

I have
Alternative Essentials
Beat Essentials
Blues Essentials
Boumcy Vibrations
Jazz Essentials

Thank for belobig!

I also downloaded GA SE 5 Cobtent with Steinberg Download Assistant …


In the Steinberg Library Manager I found this:

From a different thread, citing user benwiggy:

" You need to open the Terminal, and run this command:

sudo chgrp -R staff /Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg/Content/*

(This command changes the access to the content folders. It is an entirely normal setting, and there is no security risk.)

Then you can install the files that didn’t work. You should find them in your Downloads folder, in a Steinberg sub-folder. You can double click on any .vstsound files, and they should move to the correct location."

I have a 2nd computer on which everything runs smoothly. Would it be advisable to reinstall Dorico completely? If so, what do I have to consider?

Hi @bsperrfechter , I’ve sent you a private message via the forum, please check.