Groove Agent crashes since update

I’ve used Groove Agent SE5 extensively with no problems, but ever since upgrading to 10.0.40, it’s crashing frequently, often when loading new presets.

Any advice appreciated.


Please, make sure your Groove Agent SE 5 is up to date.

Could you attach a crash dump file, please?

My version is (Oct 18 2018) and Steinberg’'s web site has 5.0.10 (Nov 1 2018). I’d assume my version is the most recent, even though the release date isn’t? Either way, I installed as new only in July, so it should be more recent.

Not sure how to do the crash dump file…



The crash file should be generated automatically.

If you are in Windows, you can find it at Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder. On Mac you can find it in the macOS Console utility under the User Reports folder the.