Groove Agent Crashes whole DAW when ...

…I try to drag one pad to another to switch the pad assignment of the sounds.
This only happens with certain kits. None of the factory content has this issue.
It only happens when I load kits that I have made myself…And only kits that reference one large file instead of many edited files. In other words, I made the kit in a hurry and didn’t export each drum sample as a new file. I just cut the sounds roughly on the Nuendo Timeline and placed the events/parts
on the GA pads. I have many, many kits created in this way. Now it appears this may be a problem.

Is there a way to create individual samples from the kit automatically?
Some sort of export function?

“Export Kit with samples” from the context menu should do it! It will only export the audio between “Sample Start” and “Sample End” of each pad.

best regards

Thanks for the info! Much Appreciated.

I Just tried it but I couldn’t find the menu…I’m using Groove Agent One btw.
(Nuendo 5.5/6 + Nek) Does your info still apply to Groove Agent One?


I’ve had this same problem but after the crash I can no longer open the project that contained the Groove Agent plugin in question. When I attempt to open the project it loads the VSTs and once it begins loading Groove Agent it will sit for what could end up being an infinite amount of time. At that point I am unable to close Cubase and I must enter the task manager in order to do so. My situation is virtually the same as Rotund’s; except for the fact that I cannot reopen the project.

Is there a way to access these corrupted projects or do I have to just accept the loss?