Groove Agent disappearing


hopefully someone can help or offer a solution of some kind. Ive searched through the forums but cant seem to find anything similar.

I’m running Cubase Pro 9 on windows 10 (all updates fully installed). I also have Groove Agent 4 installed, also fully updated.

When I launch cubase from scratch or launch a project by double clicking it (without cubase open), everything loads as normal and I can use Groove Agent as an instrument. I can also load other projects and use Groove Agent as normal.

However, as soon as I close any project using Groove Agent the VST instrument becomes unavailable, it is grayed out, and if I attempt to launch Groove Agent the program hangs and I need to “end task” via the task manager.

The only way to get Groove Agent back is to launch Cubase (or a project) from scratch once i have closed everything.

Groove Agent SE continues to work as normal.

I have uninstalled both Groove Agent and Cubase a number of times, I’ve also removed all the roaming data by using the windows key and “r” and typing %appdata%/Steinberg. it was suggested to initialize preference for cubase. on my 3rd or 4th complete install I removed everything in the folder in the hope it would be seen as a complete “clean” reinstall.

it didn’t work.

Has anyone come across this before or have any ideas whats causing it?