Groove Agent does not play MIDI track but GA SE does

I downloaded a #StayHome version of Groove Agent, wanting to play with it and compare it with Groove Agent SE that came with Cubase. I have created 2 identical projects, one with GA SE and one with GA 5 and I routed a simple MIDI drum track into the GA VST instrument in both projects.

In the SE project, MIDI plays fine, and I hear audio. However, no sound is output in the GA5 project. I see the events being received by the VST instrument (the Event Received indicator at the top of GA window lights up), but nothing happens. I hear sounds when I click around on the pads in the VST UI, so I know the plugin itself is functional. Any suggestions as to what’s wrong with the Groove Agent?

Can anybody help me with this? I tried reinstalling Groove Agent, but still having the same issue. It just doesn’t play, whereas GA SE does. I feel that some basic setting is misconfigured, but I checked all I can think of.

Well, I tried all sorts of things including full reinstallation of Groove Agent, but it just doesn’t work, and this forum appears to be utterly useless. I guess, I’ll stick with GrooveAgent SE and eventually switch to Drumcore.