Groove Agent Doesn't Play Triggered Note


I have a Cubase 13 project that I’m working on with a Groove Agent 5 drum track. Cubase version and Groove Agent version

I’m experiencing some odd behavior. Certain notes will only occasionally trigger. For example, in the picture below, my highlighted Crash B note doesn’t always create a sound on playback. Sometimes it plays a sound that sounds like a glitched version of the note, most of the time it skips the note, and only occasionally does it play the note.

Typically, if I start the playback from right around the note, it plays fine, but if I start playback from the measure before, I don’t hear it. The consistency did seem to improve when I muted the three notes before my snare hit that created a roll, but it is still inconsistent and I want to keep the snare roll in there.

The note has no polypressure, sysex data, or mute exclusives near it. I’m stumped as to why it occurs, especially so randomly. It happens at one or two other spots in the project and not solely with Crash B.

The Groove Agent session has 3 acoustic agents layered and one beat agent that contains miscellaneous samples. There is another Groove Agent instance open on another track with a Percussion Agent open and a Beat Agent, but that instance does not experience this issue.

Edit: I’m pretty certain that the issue doesn’t occur when I render the track. Only on playback.

If it helps: Windows 10 22H2 OS build 19045.3693, AMD Ryzen 9 5900X processor.

Any suggestions as to what I can look into would be greatly appreciated.