Groove agent Dr available across cubasele8 and cubadeai10

I already have cubasele8 and recently acquired cubaseai10…which comes with groove agent…both are on the same computer but cubasele8 doesn’t have groove agent…my question is can I get the download manager in cubasele8 to recognize groove agent from cubaseai10?
(I didn’t put DR intentionally)
Another thing is that my cubasele8 is no longer titled that when opening it up the opening panel shows cubase Al.
When opening cubaseai10 it shows cubase Al10 in the opening panel…plus something looks different in cubasele8…it kind of acts like a hybrid of the two…is this supposed to happen?..when you download cubaseai10 while having cubasele8 on the same computer cubasele8 changes to cubaseAl? Please let me know if you’ve heard of this and how to get cubasele8 back the way it was…I’ve tried a reinstall…thanks


Groove Agent SE is not part of Cubase LE.

Your 2nd question is answered in your multiple-times duplicat post.