Groove Agent Expansion Issues

Hi - after using Groove Agent SE for a while, I purchased GA4 together with two expansions, and I’m having a little trouble getting the expansions to work.

Take, for example, the Blues Essentials expansion pack. In GA SE, if I click on load. and search for Cowboy Shuffle SE, selecting that would load a kit plus the patterns, and I’d be off.

Now, in GA 4, if I try to load “Cowboy Shuffle”, it quickly looks like it’s loading, but nothing happens, no kit or patterns. All of the presets bundled with GA 4 load kit & patterns when clicked on. The expansion packs don’t seem to do anything.

Is that not how it works, or do I have a problem here?

On the Load Menu bar, on the left, where the name of the preset appears, to the right of that, there is a dropdown box, and then there are left and right buttons, and then a “clock” looking button which, if selected (yellow) loads the patterns with the kit. Could you check that please?

Thank you - the clock looking thing is highlighted. See snippet below…

If I double click on that pattern, the load dropdown turns red very quickly, but nothing happens. This is the same with standalone or in Cubase.

Just to confirm, the expansion pack presets load correctly in GA4SE? If so, it sounds like GA4 is having trouble locating the files for the presets. Maybe doing a GA4 Media Bay rescan would help? It is a little “circular arrow” button down in the bottom right above where the presets are listed.

Yes, they load OK in GA4SE. I will try rescanning in a minute. To further cloud it though…

The SE versions of the Expansion Pack patterns load fine in GA4 (but assigned to the studio kit) - it’s just the dedicated GA4 patterns that won’t do anything. There are also some other patterns that don’t load in GA4, but do in GA4SE. For example “Tennessee Virginia Line” is listed but does nothing in GA4. In GA4SE it loads a kit and patterns. I’m not sure where that one comes from though - could be that it’s a GA4SE pattern, but if it’s listed in GA4 I’d have thought it would work…?

This is a fairly new build that’s only had Cubase 8.5 & 9. GA4, two GA expansion packs and a Piano VST. Could entirely be my fault, since I’m still trying to find my way around it :slight_smile: - thanks for your time

I don’t own any of the expansion packs. I do own Absolute VST 3 which includes the full GA4. So I can’t speak very intelligently about how the expansion packs work. When you said SE preset earlier, I was wondering about that and now I assume there are presets for those who buy the expansion but don’t own GA4 (only GA4SE)? Anyway, another thing I thought of was are the expansions definitely activated? Failure to find a license would certainly cause a failure to load, I suppose. Anyway, hopefully it just needs a disk rescan, then perhaps a reinstallation of the expansions (and perhaps GA4 as well) to make sure all the files are installed in the proper locations and registered with the OS.