Groove agent expansion sets not installing - no answer from Steinberg

I sent an enquiry to Steinberg on the 27th of December 2018. As of now, I haven’t received a response. Looking through the forum, I see that this is common. I thought that Cubase was the best? It’s certainly one of the most expensive!
Here’s my email (minus my order details, which I don’t really want to post on a forum). I’m in New Zealand and my support page tells me to contact my Steinberg distributor (MusicWorks) who just happen to be a small chain of retail stores (I used to work for them).
I’ve just purchased several VST Instrument sets for Groove Agent 4. These will not install on my system for some reason. I have attached a screen shot of the message I get when trying to install.
Here’s my email:-
I’ve just purchased several VST Instrument sets for Groove Agent 4. These will not install on my system for some reason. I have attached a screen shot of the message I get when trying to install. This happens with all of them.
I downloaded them from my shop page. As you see, in the last week I have bought:- Cubase 10, Dorico 2, Absolute VST 3. So it’s a considerable investment. Please either inform me on how to install these or issue a refund.
much appreciated,
Stephen Hubbard

As of today, I’ve managed to install everything except ‘Rock & Roll Essentials’. The download looks like it’s corrupt.
I need another copy of it and it’s not in the downloads section. Instead there’s a message ‘contact us’. How the heck do I do that?
I wish I’d stuck with Studio One 4 and saved $2000 (NZD), which is 1180 Euro.

If anyone can, please help me.

Have you tried the Steinberg Library manager? I am not home now, but I believe a bunch of the GA expansions can be installed this way.

I had a few that would only install if I used the Steinberg download manager app.

Sorry I started another thread with the same problem and I installed Modern Jazz Essentials expansion library with the Download Manager also ran the Steinberg Library Manager which shows the expansion. However it does not show in Groove Agent 5 SE in Cubase 10. Raised a support ticket and have received some suggestions but neither have worked. If anyone has managed to open up an expansion library in Cubase 10 using Groove Agent 5 SE please let me know how and what? Thanks in advance.

I just had the Funk Essentials not install so I opened the package and manually placed the 2 vst Sound files and the one image file in the folders and it works fine.

Inside the Installer window is an Additional Content folder that includes folders for Icons and VST Sound.

Navigate to the Groove Agent VST Sound folder: Mac HD>Library>Application Support>Steinberg>Content>Groove Agent>VST Sound

Place the two VST Sound files in the installe here .

Next, locate the Groove Agent icons folder: Mac HD>Library>Application Support>Steinberg>Groove Agent Common>LIbraryInfo
Place icon file here

Thanks James but no joy. It appears that Groove Agent 5 SE does not want to see, read or anything else with Modern Jazz Essentials. I just downloaded Simon Phillips Jazz Drums and it installed and works perfectly. I’’ wait and see if support can come up with anything else

James my problem was resolved by support for some reason there was a preset vstsound file missing. Once installed all working.

Glad to hear you have it sorted. :slight_smile:

I have this same issue - activated Jazz Essentials, install seemed to go fine, no new kits in Groove Agent. Per Library Manager, files are present. Any suggestions for what to try next?

I have the sameissue with jazz essentials and songwriter kit in Groove Agent 5.present in the library manager. Tries moving them around. no show, very frustrating.

Just bought and download “The Songwrite” Same problem…I see in in the Library Manager, but not in the Cubase>Steinberg>Drum >Groove Agent Area…Paid for it, registered…Have no error problems when staring Cubase Pro 10.5…Frustrating!!!

Contacted Steinberg and they came back with this response within 1 day…(and it worked)

  1. Quit all running Applications including Cubase and Groove Agent.
  2. Hover over or right click the start tile (lower left corner by default) and right click and choose file explorer
  3. Navigate to C: > Users >“Your Folder” > AppData* > Roaming > Steinberg > Cubase 10.5
  4. Delete the MediaBay3 file
  5. Navigate to C: > Users >“Your Folder” > AppData* > Roaming > Steinberg > Groove Agent SE
  6. Delete the MediaBay3 file
  7. Start up Cubase and test again. It may take some time for the MediaBay to rebuild itself.
  • AppData is hidden to show follow this.
  1. In the file explorer ribbon click on the View Tab
  2. Put a check in the hidden items box

Checked in the Groove Agent (VST Instruments) and everything was there,
Like it said it will take time for the Media Bay to rebuild itself…2-3 minutes…
Worked like a charm for me…

Had the same problem and your fix worked perfectly. Thanks for posting the details.


thanks for your problem solving