Groove Agent file errors and midi location ...

After the umptieth windows boot partition reinstall and LOOSING the latest midi (user) files for GA4, i wonder if you can install or even re-locate the GA midi files elsewhere on a different drive than in

*C:\Users(NAME)\Application Data\Steinberg\Groove Agent Common\GA Sub Presets\Style Files* >

… Found some here, but a lot i cannot locate, this after some searching. I re-located the VSTSOUND files, creating shortcuts in the default folder: saves quite some hassles at a re-installation of windows …

Also i keep getting library files missing, i reinstalled the lot, but keep getting these red traffic sign errors, see below.

It would be a great help of there is some editor for fixing and relocating all the necessary files for Groove Agent 4, and maybe Halion 5 (or 6) too.

PS these kind of things really p*ss me off about using GA4, and make me use EZdrummer instead as[attachment=0]groove agent errors.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]groove agent errors.jpg[/attachment] it is so much more straight forward especially regarding file locations … F