Groove agent,halion mixdown/render nightmare

Can anyone please explain to me why groove agent sE4 and halion se2 will not render in place or export [real time or not] without being visibly and audibly very Late in artist 9 [up to date] with a steinberg UR 44 interface with no effects loaded, delay comp. on or off, when my free cheap old third party vsti’s render and export as they should. On a brand new computer windows 10, intel core i7,8700 cpu, 16 gig ram. And supposedly optimized for audio production. This did not happen on my old ten year old 32 bit laptop[vista] running ten year old studio 4.
Any help would be appreciated. Paul.

Very late? What do you mean?

Try doing that while Cubase is in Safe Start Mode, any difference?

Hi Romantique,
When working in beats and bars the waveform does not render or export anywhere near either, which i assume is a basic function of first party audio software, I appreciate your tip and will try it out when i get back to my studio but am still confused as to why i would have to do this to correct a first party steinberg software on software problem with the likes of halion/groove agent if i dont have a problem with [for example] the free TAL bass or toontrack ez drummer and leads me to question what else is going on behind the scenes that negatively affects the music that i am trying to make when this problem is so audibly and visually apparent. thanks again.Paul

Sorry but I can’t reproduce this here, I use these plugins daily and they always render perfectly on time, including the release samples.

Can you post a few screenshots? You can upload them to imgur.

Hi Romantique,
Here is an image of what i am talking about, this is a new project with no other effects or instruments loaded, i have tried different buffer sizes also.