Groove Agent/Halion ... what goes where? Please!

I love Cubase and I’ve been using it from way back in Atari days … and these days it is so sophisticated and downright cool.

BUT what a mess with the GrooveAgent and Halion installers etc. My hard drive is overflowing with Steinberg folders and whenever there is an update more mess is created.

I’ve spent hours unsuccessfully trying to sort out error messages re. missing items, and what I am wondering is this:

is there a comprehensive list somewhere of what gets installed where, when you first install Cubase 10 Pro?

Or maybe nobody, including Steinberg, actually knows, and AI is taking over the show.

Anyway, I would be incredibly grateful if someone can point me in the right direction regarding this.

For future upgrades, Steinberg, can ALL the Halion files, for example, please go in ONE Halion folder. Ditto Groove Agent.

Many thanks for any positive replies.

For content the Steinberg Library Manager helps to find and move large resources to a location of your liking. If you have missing presets the media bay shows user and factory content in the file browser, doing a rescan can do wonders.