Groove Agent has lost it's way


Just to say I made some more purchases this week for my recent EZD2. The salesman Josh phoned me (UK) from the US to offer advice and pre-sales support. What a superb service indeed!

Anyway, I have ordered the two MONSTER MIDI packs (FILLS and ODD METERS), and also the CLASSIC EX and BLUES EX.

Have a nice little collection now to be going on with for a year or two…

I wanted to ask please, I have consequently now downloaded FIVE out of SIX of the “MIDI PACK 6” (Activation Codes) I purchased recently. Do you know if there is a TIME LIMIT (eg 28 x days) for making/downloading your choices? Or does the download time remain open?



It ramains open in your user account after registration.

Hi RedRum,

Ok, thats great! So I can take my time and choose my final MIDI at leisure.



does anyone know of a good vst compressor i can use for cubase 7 AND iLok 2 compatible?

i have a brand new iLok 2 that I’ve never used and i want to use it if i can, instead of buying a eLicenser dongle…(there’s none available in australia)
i tried RND Portico trial, and iLok manager sees the iLok 2 but won’t recognise the act code. eLicenser accepts the code but does not recognise the iLok 2
I’ve been reading all day and i may have missed something
any help would be nice.

Might be better off posting this in a more relevant thread mate!

25 Euros:

ahhhh mate… not very constructive help there! see how many times I’ve posted???
wheres your manners? :smiling_imp:


I was simply suggesting you may obtain an answer more quickly by re-posting the questions elsewhere. This was based on personal experience because I have made the very same mistake myself and likewise members responded similarly. It was supposed to be a pointer but interpret it how you might.

I have no idea as to how many threads you have started? And I do not see why/how this is at all relevant?


just pointing out Im only new to the forum as you were once. seemed as though you were doing the whole newb thing on me, anyway thanks for elaborating…
i shall move on then

How are things getting along? Are you happy with your choice?
I’m pretty much leaning towards EZ-drummer 2 now. I’ve found tap2find to be a tremendous time saver.
I wish Groove agent 4 had that.

I totally agree with the posts above on GA as having lost it´s way. And sadly so too as GA 2 and 3 were quite usable even if the samples and sound quality could have been better. It seems sad that Steinberg, who in Cubase has such a good and creative friendly concept that really makes it easy to go with the creative flow in your music making, seems stuck on the teenage techno thing. They have it in their hands to do something really good, but no! There appears to be something wrong in the leadership of Steinberg, sadly.

I just want to say, when talking about competitors as EZ drummer and such. EZ is all rightish, but those of you who have the chance. Try Digidesign /Avid´s “Strike2” and you´ll find you´re suddenly in a totally different league. The sound samples makes you wake up and wonder what you´ve been doing all the time. Makes you think you´ve never heard a professional drum sampler/plugin before. Of course it is limited to work in the protools environment! It´s just miles of difference in terms of sound quality. That is what one would wish GA4 to be in the VST environment but sadly no!
(As a footnote I´d like to add too that my experiences of testing the plain audio signal of ProTools, Logic and Cubase, nothing beats ProTools in terms of naturalness, headroom, breathing and cleanness) Logic and Cubase are far behind, still after all these years! Doesn´t differ much, but it differs. And it might just be that difference that makes all the difference to your tracks! OR not, the Cubase sound also works in many contexts, but it´s different)

I often defend Steinberg for it´s user friendliness in relation to the other DAW´s, but I cannot do that for the GA4 plug. I think it time Steinberg takes a real think through on what they are doing. It makes you just so sad to see it fall of the ladder…

When will Steinberg see the diamond they hold in their hand…?

Hello Andra,

Well, I got it all installed on both my Win7 and Win8.1 in January. It took a long time to get all of the stuff downloaded plus apply all the necessary UPDATES. Anyway, totally unrelated, during February after much debate and trying various solutions, it became apparent that I needed to get both of my PC’s RE-FORMATTED. So when I got them back a couple of weeks ago they have obviously both been stripped down! Now I have to RE-INSTALL all of the EzD2 software again which is a total PITA! But worse than that, my bloody Steinberg DONGLE cracked and so I can’t complete my Cubase INSTALLATIONS!

So, a really bad start to the year computer-wise you might agree!

However, I have watched tons of You Tube tutorial on the EzD2 and also I got the whole USER GUIDE printed out from my local printing store (I think it cost just over 5 quid).

Hopefully I will be back up and running soon and able to offer you more feedback.



Hey Paul.
That is horrible.
I hope that everything is going to be alright soon.
Thanks for your answer and good luck.

Hi Andras,

Just building it all back up right now. Yes, it’s a complete drag dude!

The main issue though is the damn DONGLE which has thrown a spanner in the works.

But luckily I will still be able to install and practice using EzD2 without having any Cubase facility.



I have most of the NI drums stuff 50s,60s,70s, Drumlab, Studio Drummer and Battery 4 and although the samples sound fantastic played on their own I’ve found my Groove Agent 3 based songs mix easier and the drums sit better in the mix. I’ve had some cracking results with Groove Agent (the original) and GA3. I can’t say I’ve used GA4 much - more out of lack of time to learn it than anything else. In the same way I LOVE The Grand - I’ve got most of the NI piano samplers that are supposedly miles better but my old creaky (original) The Grand is my first choice piano - it cuts through like no other piano I’ve got - especially for bass reinforcement. I tried the Grand 3 and didn’t like it!

I do agree though that the new interface is a problem - when I want to get some basic drums down fast I still go to GA3. Steinberg are clearly trying to complete with NI Battery and forgot that some people actually like the old interface and when you’re tracking demos or sketching ideas GA 1-3 is superb.


I still intend on using GA3 for (as you say) sketching ideas etc.

I don’t have any experience with the NI Battery products though.



Air Music Technology’s Strike 2 is indeed available in VST form for Cubase, and certainly looks interesting enough to give it a whirl.

I am a Groove Agent 4 newbie. I build all my own kits and I mostly program my own patterns (although I occasionally use something like the NI Drummer or EZDrummer series for things that require a more traditional drum approach), so the Beat Agent portion is where I’ve spent all of my time in GA 4.

For someone like me, who likes to create bespoke kits and program patterns during composition, Groove Agent 4 is one of the best tools I’ve used.

While I don’t share the complaints of most of the people in this thread (since I don’t use the acoustic or percussion agents) I do sympathize. I’ve used Native Instruments Battery 3 in possibly every single project I’ve done since I entered the digital age in 2010. Aside from the ugly and occasionally unresponsive UI, it is nearly the perfect drum sampler. When Native Instruments dropped nearly all of Battery’s unique kit-building features in the Battery 4 update it felt like a sort of betrayal. Why couldn’t they just add new features and improvements without taking away all the things that used to make Battery unique?

Anyway, so far I think Groove Agent 4 is great, but I do seem to be using it in a different way from most of the people in this thread.

EDIT: I’m also curious if some of the folks here who do more jazzy stuff have found any of the Groove Agent expansions useful? I noticed there was a Jazz one out- Jazz Essentials?

I’ve been with Groove Agent since the original GA1 years ago, and it has always been a great tool for composition, as well as, at times, a cool and convenient addition to live studio tracks (Yeah, believe it or not). I still use Groove Agent 3 along with Groove Agent 4 (Two very different beasts, to be sure) and find both tools indispensable in a variety of situations.
In Cubase Pro 8 or Nuendo 6.5, via JBridge, you can’t find an easier tool than Groove Agent 3 for laying a quick drum track when inspiration hits, one that can be easily edited or augmented, and further enhanced with Groove Agent 4. I’m not a note for note from scratch drum programmer, but editing a performance by world-class drummers in either of these tools couldn’t be more user friendly, at least for me. I think the confusion for many was the expectation that Groove Agent 4 was going to be the next iteration of GA3, when in fact it is a completely different workflow. Unfortunate naming convention, I think, but the tool itself is great when you get used to it, which doesn’t take very long, truthfully. It’s all subjective, of course, but the critics have this one wrong. Can’t please everyone :slight_smile:

The critics don’t have it wrong - work flow is everything, GA + 2 and 3 all worked the same way and people got used to that way of working could produce what they want really fast. I would find something similar to what I want, dump the midi plus a handful of fill I like and then manually edit to taste - still driving GA. GA4 is a completely different product aimed at a different market - it’s more like NI Battery 3 than GA, GA2 or GA3. Steinberg should have at least had the decency to retire Grove Agent if they didn’t want to continue the product as it stood and call GA4 something else - it’s not the same VSTi. I do own GA4 and am struggling to find any genuine reason why it’s better than GA4 SE supplied with Cubase. If it’s just kits then I got plenty of samples I could have used to build up new kits with SE.