Groove Agent help

I’m probably doing something dumb but I’m following along the livestream (more or less) getting a handle on this. I created a default Jazz quartet, changed over the drums from my default of NP over to GA, and choose the Life is Simple set, now dragging over no bueno

Not getting any errors, there’s a time and key signature, but nothing drops. Only thing that’s different is the trap set is a little different from the livestream.


Hokay, it’ll drag into the other instruments (with some kind of result), but it won’t drag into the drum set. The drag operation looks different from the livestream but that’s probably just Windows vs Mac.

X-Map im Endpunkt eigetragen?

Edit: Sorry - I meant the percussion map, of course.

Have you tried it in Play mode, rather than in the Key Editor?

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Thanks, no I didn’t but trying it now still no good. I had accidentally deleted that project so quickly recreated it too.

Are we forced to install groove agent ? I have a warning when I launch Dorico.

No, you can dismiss that warning and tick the box that you don’t want to be warned again.

Thanks, Ben.

FYI if anybody wants to try it the use case it is (I’m on Windows if it makes a difference)

  1. Create Jazz Quartet from default template
  2. Set the drummer to use Groove Agent, set that to use Life is Simple kit
  3. Click on patterns
  4. Drag one over to the Key Editor MIDI window

It seems to work for me.

^^^ That was dragging the “Main 7” pattern. Do you get this red insert line before dropping it in?

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As I posted above, the percussion map must be entered in the endpoint settings of the drum kit.

Yeah sure do

My German is quite old :slight_smile:, but you are correct that was the issue. Like I said probably a dumb mistake on my part, thanks

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Related Question: Do trigger regions export in the MIDI?

Yes, they do.

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